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Split Air Conditioners are very popular among the inhabitants of Dubai. Many factors raise the demand for split ACs in the market and among people. They are very convenient in the offices and rooms when it is hot outside. They help maintain the temperature of your space, especially when the weather outside changes. These Air Conditioners have a clear advantage over window AC and duct-wire AC. The first one is electricity consumption. Secondly, they remain very silent when running. And finally, they do not have any memorable impact on users pockets.

Occupies small area

A beauty of this AC that every company should adopt is the amount of space it occupies in the room. It is easily installable in any free area in the room.

Energy Efficient

Split Ac also has another feature: it consumes a minor amount of energy while running. Its operation does not put a strain on the owners finances.

Heating seasonal performance factor

These ACs are very good at their primary duty, which is cooling. Another benefit of a good AC is that it provides adequate heat in inclement weather.

High Performance

The overall performance of an AC is the factor that determines the installation cost in any town. Acting upon this feature, split ACs are becoming top sellers in Dubai.

Automated technology

The technology used in any AC finalizes its quality and performance. Split ACs contain
automated technology like an auto flapper, auto restart, and many others.


One of the most appealing aspects of split air conditioners is their low cost. These ACs require low voltage to run and will keep you from paying large monthly bills.

Split Air Conditioner (AC) Build Quality

Split-system Air Conditioners can be mounted on a wall within a room and have an external unit located just outside the wall of the area you want to cool. These air conditioners are frequently used in smaller houses, apartments, and workplaces. The exterior unit removes heat from the chilled region. On the other hand, the internal division blasts cool air into a particular space. These devices make it possible to chill an area more precisely and are simple to install in buildings that already have ducted air conditioning. They can be installed in a matter of hours. Also, they can control the temperature, and split system air conditioners are ideal for small
spaces when heating or cooling is needed in specific home regions.

Locally, a family-run business called DC Sales specializes in air conditioning. In addition to selling air conditioners, we also provide installation and maintenance services. Since our company is family-owned, we prioritize upholding these principles while dealing with clients. Our principal focus is building enduring and reliable connections with everyone we do business with.

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