O General Air Conditioner

We sell o general air conditioning in UAE. The O General air condition is very popular in UAE due to the hot summer weather. The O General air conditioning is very popular all over the world. The People like this air con very much. We have a lot of range in O General Air Conditions, Midea, LG, General Techo general air conditioner is popular for its superior cooling and you need not worry about that. Its inbuilt double complex swing action of flaps throws air at high speed in both horizontal and vertical directions to give very effective cooling in every corner of the room.

Inhibits emollient

Removing moisturizer from the air is the beauty of this AC. Because they don’t make any  distinctions in the moisture they eliminate, they also absorb moisture from your skin.

Automated Flaps

Its internal microcomputer adjusts the air flow efficiently to track and keep track of variations in room temperature.

Automated double swing

A two-way swing is included with AC units to distribute the air in the space. However, it doesn’t significantly affect the AC’s ability to chill the area effectively.

Flaps shut automatically

A beauty of this brand is that it does not allow dust and debris to enter the AC. Its flaps close automatically as the connection of electricity is removed.

Restarts Automatically

A significant feature that O General AC contains is restarting automatically. Suppose you are sleeping, and a power cut occurs. You can continue it with others.

Sleep Timing feature

This AC has a beautiful feature that turns off the AC quickly as the temperature crosses the limit and restarts itself when it feels the temperature rising.

O General Air Conditioner (AC) Build Quality

The build quality of this product is excellent. A good quality product is what we expect when we pay a premium amount for something. And this o general air conditioner has got nice finishing, every edge is properly finished and you’ll not feel that any part of it is looking cheap or anything. There is no compromise in the inside parts as well. As per all reviews we got, the life span of this product is so high that it becomes pretty obvious that every internal part is made up of good quality like Sturdier fins, ABS plastic, Fire retardant components, special Japanese steel sheet metal parts with special polyurethane coating

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