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O'general Ducted Split AC Seller in Dubai at Cheap Rate

O General Split Ducted Ac’s

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Split Ducted Ac’s
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We sell O General Split Ducted type Ac’s and also provide its installation. The performance of Split Ducted type Ac’s are very good and they provide very good cooling. The cooling capacity of split ducted type Ac’s is very high than other brands ACS. The Manufacturing of this Ac is very popular in the whole world.

O General Split Ducted Specifications

Model No.

Indoor/ ARGA18FMTA

Outdoor units/ AOGA18FBTAH

Power Source V/Ph/Hz  (240-220 / 1 / 50)

Cooling (T1 condition)

Capacity BTU (17,800)

Input Power kW (1.53-1.51)

Current A (6.5-7.0)

Power Factor % (98.1)

EER  kW/kW  (3.40-3.44)

Cooling (T3 condition)

Capacity  BTU (15000)

Input Power  kW (1.80)

Current A (8.0)

Power Factor % (97.8)

EER BTU/h*W (8.33)

Air Flow rate CFM | m3/h (620 | 1050)

Net Dimension

(INDOOR), Weight HxWxD (mm) | kg (270 x 1,135 x 700 | 38)

(OUTDOOR), Weight HxWxD (mm) | kg (650 x 830 x 320 | 50)

Refrigerant (R410A)

People prefer this brand O Generals Ac in Offices, Home, Warehouses. So if you want to buy anything just call us or email us. If you want to know more about us check our website http://acmaintennaceindubai.ae

Types of Split Ducted.
Split Ducted Types

Advantages of Split Ducted Air Condition
1An Easier Installation Process.
2Greater Cooling Capacity.
3Install above the ceiling.
4Throw Air From Decorative Grills.
5Increased Security.
6 Have zero Noise.

Split Duct AC Installation Diagram

O General
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Split-system central air conditioners consist of two heat exchangers, an outside unit (the condenser) from which heat is rejected to the environment, and an internal heat exchanger the fan coil unit, air handling unit, or evaporator with the piped refrigerant being circulated between the two. The FCU is then connected to the spaces to be cooled by ventilation ducts.

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