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Buy split ac. O General air conditioners come with exquisite designs matching all types of interior and provide airflow up to 25 meters of reach. A new generation of General air conditioners is optimized in cooling technology to cool faster than previous models. Another reason for choosing o general ac unit is because of its …

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3 ton Split ac

3 ton split ac

3-ton Split ac Powerful Mode. Operation at maximum airflow and quickly makes the room comfortable – Double Swing Automatic. The complex swing action of flaps enables automatically to swing in both horizontal and vertical directions. -Auto-Changeover. The 3-ton Split ac automatically switches between dry and cooling modes based on your temperature setting and the room …

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Split Ac UAE

1.5 ton O General Split Ac Specification of Split Air Conditions Split Ac A split unit air conditioner is an air conditioning system that consists of two separate units, the water or air-cooled condensing unit and the air handling unit. As the condensing unit isn’t placed inside the conditioned area, the split unit air conditioner …

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4 Ton O General Split Ducted

4 Ton O General Split Ducted The new generation of 4 Ton O General Split Ducted with environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A was created with new technologies such as:   V-shape heat exchanger Improved energy-saving performance by a large heat exchanger and optimized airflow design. Volume capacity +22% Efficient airflow design Drastic improvement in efficiency and …

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