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Ac Duct Cleaning

Ac Duct Cleaning

Ac Duct Cleaning
Duct Cleaning Dubai

Ac Duct Cleaning is the process of removing dust, dirt, mold, and anything that shouldn’t be in your air conditioning duct systems. The AC duct will be found hidden behind the ceiling and walls on your property. Our skilled technicians will remove the grills to allow access to the air duct to use the world’s leading Rotobrush machine. The Rotobrush machine is one of the many things which set us apart from other AC cleaning companies in Dubai. It’s a heavy-duty vacuum with HEPA filters and various spinning brush attachments designed specifically to clean inside your ducts, which ensures they are left thoroughly clean and leave the air safe to travel through and safe for you and your family to breathe.

Cleaning of Duct

When to clean your air duct?

The Ac Duct Cleaning is very necessary for the Air Condition one time in a year and also every 6 months to clean the mounds and every dust particles. We recommend you regularly clean your ducts and consider more frequent duct cleaning if you have small children or if any of your family have allergies or suffer from breathing issues. We also recommend a duct clean after winter when your thermostat may have been turned off for several months and also if you’ve had any building or renovating work that may have produced dust.
Another ideal time for duct cleaning is when you are about to move into property regardless of whether it is brand new or old. Most likely it hasn’t ever been cleaned by a professional company before. You never know the true history of the ducts until you get them cleaned yourself.

The 5 Major Advantages of AC Duct Cleaning

1- Better efficiency of the system

Due to the build-up of grime and dust in the registers and ductwork, these parts may not work as well as they should. All the cogs in the cooling system need to work together to ensure better efficiency. When the air supply is reduced, the whole system has to work harder to produce the same output which reduces the cooling. As a direct result of higher efficiency, the cost of operations would reduce greatly. This would mean that along with better cooling, the electricity bills are sure to come down.

2- Allergens are removed

The AC ducts are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and dangerous contaminants. Getting an Ac Duct Cleaning done at least once every year or after 6 months will remove such allergens. If this is not done, then it may cause serious respiratory issues and breathing trouble

3- Get Rid Of Odors and Smells
We know that all homes have a distinct smell to them, and it is not always pleasing. The smell of food, tobacco, mold, etc. can ruin the impression you make on your guests. Regular Ac Duct Cleaning and disinfection can remove any unpleasant odors in the air and make your house smell fresh.

4- Improve The Quality Of Air
You may be breathing in dust and bacteria without knowing it at your house or place of work. This can make you seriously unhealthy and cause discomfort, coughing, and even results in dangerous respiratory diseases. So the Ac Duct Cleaning, disinfection & sanitization of Grills give you fresh smell and sanitization can kill the bacteria from your Air Condition so you don’t feel unhealthy.

5- Better living space for your family
The dust in an air duct settles and starts to disperse in the air when the air conditioning powers up. Your living space is affected by this dust and elders or children can quickly be affected by even a little bit of dust. You can always rely on DCSALESHOP for superior Duct Cleaning Services.

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