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Midea 2 ton inverter ac price UAE | Midea Ac in UAE

Midea 2 ton inverter ac price UAE

Midea 2 ton inverter ac price UAE

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Midea 2 ton inverter ac price UAE Wall split air conditioners consist of indoor and outdoor units, equipped with remote control, equipped with a variety of options for cleaning the air, ease of operation, the compressor can be fixed and variable (inverter) power. The indoor unit is designed for installation on the wall, on the ceiling of the room. The Outdoor Unit is designed for installation on the wall, on the roof or maybe some install it on the ground.

This Midea 2-ton inverter ac price UAE air conditioners is the most popular as a compressor and a condenser cooling fan (located in the outer, “street” block) are separated from the evaporator blower (located in the interior, “indoor” unit). This scheme was introduced in the 60s of the 20th century when the designers set out to reduce the noise level and the size of air conditioners, for wide application in daily life, previously produced only windows and industrial monoblock systems, which severely limits their use in homes and offices. “Split” means “separated” – vnturenny and outdoor unit connected pipes forward and reverse pumping Freon (refrigerant -teplonositelya), the pressure created by the compressor and throttle valve, which ensures the Carnot cycle in the specified temperature limits. Upon reaching the desired temperature in the room, the compressor is deactivated. In split-Midea, 2-ton inverter ac price UAE compressor operates at a variable speed, and this provides another “degree of freedom” for providing a more accurate temperature control

Specification of Midea 2 ton inverter ac price UAE


In The Box
  • 1N IDU(Including mounting plate)
  • 1N ODU
  • 1N Interconnecting Pipe
  • 1N Interconnecting Wire.
  • 1N Remote
  • 2N Battery
  • 3N Manuals(Warranty Card is part of manual)
  • Midea
Model Name
  • 24K 3 Star Santis Pro DLX Inverter R410A (MI003) / 24K 3 Star Inv. R410A ODU (MI003)
  • Split
Capacity in Tons
  • 2 Ton
Star Rating
  • 3 Star BEE Rating
BEE Rating Year
  • 2019
  • White
Cooling and Heating
  • No
Cooling Capacity
  • 2045 W
  • Rotary Compressor
  • Yes
Remote Control
  • Yes
  • R410A
Condenser Coil
  • Copper


Indoor W x H x D
  • 103.8 Cm x 32.5 Cm x 22 Cm
Indoor Unit Weight
  • 13.8 Kg
Outdoor W x H x D
  • 84.5 Cm x 70 Cm x 32 Cm
Outdoor Unit Weight
  • 36 Kg

Performance features

Indoor Noise Level
  • High – 46 dB, Low – 40 dB
Panel Display
  • LED 7 Segment
Indoor Temperature Indicator
  • No
Turbo Mode
  • Yes
Other Performance Features
  • High Ambient Temperature up to 52 Degree, Auto Cleanser
Power Features
Power Requirement
  • AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Power Consumption
  • 2045 W
Remote Control Features
LED Backlit Buttons
  • Yes
Battery Type
  • 2 AAA Batteries

Advantages of Inverter Type Air Condition

Midea 2-ton inverter ac price UAE systems are efficient units that are extremely reliable. Their technology is robust and secure. Plus, when you use an inverter air conditioner, you’ll be able to count on getting quality heating in the winter and cool, crisp air in the summer.
Advantages of Midea 2-ton inverter type air condition
> Consumes less power in comparison to a traditional AC.
> No voltage fluctuation.
> Keeps constant room temperature.
> Effective cooling.
> Suitable for small and large spaces.
> Safe for residential wiring due to lower power consumption.
> Environment-friendly.
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