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o general air conditioner | o general ac in dubai | o general ac price

o general air conditioner

o general air conditioner

o general air conditioner
We sell o general air conditioning in UAE. The O General air condition is very popular in UAE due to the hot summer weather. The O General air conditioning is very popular all over the world. The People like this air con very much. We have a lot of range in O General Air Conditions, Midea, LG, General Techo general air conditioner is popular for its superior cooling and you need not worry about that. Its inbuilt double complex swing action of flaps throws air at high speed in both horizontal and vertical directions to give very effective cooling in every corner of the room.


o general air conditioner (AC) Build Quality:

The build quality of this product is excellent. A good quality product is what we expect when we pay a premium amount for something. And this o general air conditioner has got nice finishing, every edge is properly finished and you’ll not feel that any part of it is looking cheap or anything. There is no compromise in the inside parts as well. As per all reviews we got, the life span of this product is so high that it becomes pretty obvious that every internal part is made up of good quality like Sturdier fins, ABS plastic, Fire retardant components, special Japanese steel sheet metal parts with special polyurethane coating

o general air conditioner (AC) Looks:

When it comes to looks, o general air conditioner is not very impressive. As an individual product, the looks are simple and fine and don’t look bad. But when we compare the looks with Hitachi, LG, or Samsung, this is where these companies have an edge for looks. I really wonder, O General is a very big brand in air conditioners manufacturers and they always over-shadowed when it comes to beautifying their products. Maybe they don’t feel India is their biggest customer base and in middle east countries, these simple looks get more sales. However the looks are what people don’t point out much, but when people pay something good for something, I feel some better looks are always welcome.
1 ton split ac

o general air conditioner (AC) Power Consumption

o general air conditioners are famous for their power effectiveness. They are kind of OK in power efficiency and if you mind paying the high cost of this product, then you need to consider this point too that you’ll recover this cost in electricity bills after its running of 3-4 years of usage. And then this air conditioner cooling is so powerful that you will never feel running this air conditioner all the time and hence you’ll run it most of the time for a limited time period using the timer or any way you feel comfortable and this will automatically save you a lot from huge electricity bills. And further speaking, it has an EER (energy efficiency ratio) of above 10 which automatically reduces power costs. And it has a high-efficiency DC motor with Lambda Type heat ex-changer which overall results in high efficiency of the air conditioner.
o general air conditioner (AC) Features

1-Moisture Removal
This feature removes the moisture effectively and completely from the air and dehumidifies it
2-Double Auto Swing
Flaps of this air conditioner are capable to perform a complex swing action which enables it to swing in both horizontal and vertical directions
3-Automatic Flaps
The inbuilt micro-computer inside it adjust the air flow effectively to follow the changes in room temperature and monitor it too.
14Auto Shut Flaps
The flap of this air conditioner auto shut itself when the machine is stopped and opens it automatically when the air conditioner is started
5-Auto Restart
If by chance you went out of power, and when the power comes back, this air conditioner starts himself back in the same mode as before
6-Sleep Timer
The inbuilt micro-computer gradually changes the room temperature automatically by some degree during the night to maintain the proper room temperature and to provide a comfortable night’s sleep.
7-Negative Air Ions Deodorizing Filter
This feature deodorize air by enveloping offensive odors in negative air ions. This feature of negative air ions completely helps in removing dirt and odors in the air and helps to maintain a comfortable room environment.
8-Easy Maintenance
The outer panel is removable and can be easily cleaned for having a long life with filter and other parts and to have effective cooling. See the below-given images for reference.
8-Automatic Flaps
In automatic mode, the flaps set themselves to match the operating mode automatically. However, we can also adjust the flap position using the remote control as well as per our convenience.

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