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4 Ton O General Split Ducted | 4 Ton O General Split Price

4 Ton O General Split Ducted

4 Ton O General Split Ducted

4 Ton O General Split Ducted

The new generation of 4 Ton O General Split Ducted with environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A was created with new technologies such as:


V-shape heat exchanger

Improved energy-saving performance by a large heat exchanger and optimized airflow design. Volume capacity +22%

Efficient airflow design

Drastic improvement in efficiency and low noise are realized by uniform air speed and airflow path to the heat exchanger

High Efficient DC fan motor

Lower power consumption (Input power -50%)
O General ducted ac high energy efficiency. The units are able to widely respond to duct’s static pressure from 30 to 150 Pa. Easy installation and maintenance.

Ducted Split AC Advantages:

In comparison with other split systems, a ducted air conditioner is one of the quietest and the most convenient in case of the right installation and design. Large places usually have a suspended ceiling, which makes it easy to hide the ducted split units.
The important advantage of the 4 Ton O General Split Ducted is that only discreet grilles are visible, so the ducted split system can perfectly fit in any interior design. The important things for the installation of split AC ducts are the design of air ducts, the height, and the distance between the units. The price of a ducted split system depends on the criteria mentioned above.

O General duct split

Split Ducted Ac’s

O General is a company, which cares about the health and proper breathing for more than 50 years. Its 4 Ton O General Split Ducted is designed right for UAE climate. O General provides consumers with both home ducted air conditioning and commercial air conditioner.
As a licensed supplier, Dcsaleshop offers to buy the new range of O General models, including 18000 – 60000 BTU and 90000BTU.
Together with balanced airflow, a new generation of air conditioners has other unique specifications, implemented in the devices:

> Environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A.
> High Efficient DC fan motor (no more unbearable expenses for power consumption).
> More compact dimensions.
> V-shape heat exchanger.
> Versatile static pressure settings up to 150 Pa.
> Powerful airflow.
> Super quiet mode.

In the Case of Proper Aircon Ducting Installation We Offer:

> 12-month warranty for the unit
> 5-year warranty for the compressor
> 5-year warranty for the installation service.

Buy our air conditioner and we deliver 4 Ton O General Split Ducted to your doorstep in Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah for free. We also inspect your premises before installation to choose the suitable devices and technics of installation.
If you want to arrange for your family, employees, guests, or customers a comfortable staying at your place, don’t lose precious time and call Dcsaleshop or contact on our email.

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