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3 Ton O General Split Ducted | 3 Ton O General Split Ducted price

3 Ton Split Ducted type

3 Ton Split Ducted type

3 Ton O General Split Ducted type

Split Duct


2- Power Source 415-380 / 3 / 50
3- Capacity 35000BTU
4- Current 5.0A-5.2A
5- Power Factor 88.2%
6- Air Flow rate 1177 | 2000 CFM | m3/h
7- Refrigerant R-410
7- Cooling Capacity 31400
8- Item Weight 144 Kg

O General is a company, which cares about health and proper breathing for more than 50 years. Its 3 Ton Split Ducted type air conditioners are designed right for UAE climate. O General provides consumers with both home ducted air conditioning and commercial air conditioner.

In comparison with other split systems, a ducted air conditioner is one of the quietest and the most convenient in case of the right installation and design. Large places usually have a suspended ceiling, which makes it easy to hide the ducted split unit.

3 Ton Media Split Ducted type

3 Ton Split Ducted type


1- Model# ‎MST1AB6-36CRN1
2- Dimension ‎28.2 x 145.9 x 36.2 cm; 97 Kilograms
3- Capacity 3 Ton
4- Annual Energy Consumption‎ 1850 Kilowatt Hours
5- Noise 52 dB
6- Voltage ‎240 Volts
7- Wattage‎ 1985 Watts
8- Item Weight 97 Kg
9- Refrigerant R-410

3 Ton Split Ducted type Media air conditioners available with side discharge and top discharge design. Ducted AC units are often the most practical choice for cooling or heating larger areas that are beyond the reach or capacity of wall-mounted units which can struggle to provide an even air distribution across large spaces. Media ducted air conditioners are ideal for homes, open-plan offices, shops, schools, restaurants, villas, and any other large spaces. The advantage of Media ducted ac is easy and flexible installation.

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