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Cassette Type Air Condition

Cassette Type Air Condition.

Cassette Type Air Condition
Advantages of Cassette Type Air Condition
It covers small spaces and gives more cooling in rooms, halls, and anywhere. One of the main advantages of cassette air conditioners is that they ensure a good distribution of air in the room. Some Features are described below.

1- Low profile and unobtrusive;
2- Ability to distribute air throughout the room;
3- Great cooling options
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Another advantage of cassette air conditioning systems is that installing them on the ceiling saves a significant amount of space.
The second unit of the cassette air conditioners is located outside. This makes their work silent for People who lived in the house or work in office.
The thermostat of this air conditioning system can be programmed as you want. The same goes for fan speed. You can adjust the room temperature and save electricity.

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1:Installation Diagram Of Cassette Type Air Con.

2: Installation Diagram of Cassette Air Condition

Cassette Type Air Condition is used and suitable for when there is limited space and generally suspends on the ceiling, suitable when you prefer not to install an air con unit on a wall or in any situation when the installation on a wall is not possible. Cassette ac works in the same way as any standard ac unit which cools the area and brings down the temperature to a suitable or desired temperature.

The main feature of Cassette-type air conditioners is that they can be installed in a limited space and give better cooling and thus making them suitable to be used in offices and buildings. High Cooling, better cooling coverage of the large area, quiet while running, energy efficiency, and stylish looking make Cassette-type ac your first choice when it comes to a create a better temperature-controlled environment.

O General Cassette ac comes in various models and tonnage ranging from 1.5 tons to 4.5 tons of capacity and 18000 BTU to 54000 BTU. Call one of our sales agents to give you more brief and help you select the right type of air conditioning unit for your premises.

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