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O General split Ac 1.5 Ton | Ac for sale in Dubai

O General split Ac 1.5 Ton

The O General ac 1.5 Ton AC is apparently one of the best ac you can buy in Dubai. O General split Ac is one of the most common inverter ac the best-selling model. Made in japan and assembled in Thailand. You can get an official one-year warranty if you shop at dcsaleshop.com


O general split ac


Features of O General Split Ac 1.5 Ton

The General AC uses an in-IAM PAM controller that reduces losses by adjusting the current waveform to a better sine waveform. This improves the efficient use of input energy to achieve higher efficiency. “PAM (Intelligent power module? Pulse Amplitude Modulation)”

Fast energy saving and heating is possible with I-PAM only

Voltage and speed of compressor motor

Temperature 10 cm above the floor

V-PAM (Vector + PAM) Good control

Control of the V reduces the effects of magnetic flux and increases the speed and efficiency of the compressor with vector control technology. With this technology, the continuity of small items, high efficiency and efficiency are available to General Air Conditioners. “V-PAM (Vector? Pulse Amplitude Modulation)”

It becomes more powerful with the newly developed advanced compressor motor control. O General Split Ac

ALL DC Energy Saving Year-round

General Air Conditioners are full of inverter air conditioners. With all DC motors, power losses are reduced and power consumption is greatly reduced. In addition the high speed of the fan rotation is possible, the efficiency of heat exchange is increased and the annual energy consumption is maintained by increasing the air flow.

Free Air flow

Accurate air direction control is possible with 3 air flow technology. Our airflow controller makes your environment more comfortable, so all direct and indirect deviations simultaneously automatically.

More airflow

A large, self-propelled diffuser is used.


Maximum Multi-Path Heat Exchanger

The heat exchange function is greatly enhanced by a small heating and cooling machine with many technologies. A high-intensity high-density tube is used.

Blue Fin Condenser

Hydrophillic-bound heat exchanger ensures long-term corrosion resistance, especially for people living near coastal areas where there is rust? Like the view of the Karachi beach.

Strong Heat

High temperatures are achieved even at low outdoor temperatures by installing a large heat exchanger or a large DC compressor to enhance and enhance the high performance of the PCB inverter

Long haul with full functionality

The suction can be extended to the upper level to fully operate with additional gas charging above and beyond 7.5 mts. according to each Input Manual.

High power capacity

A higher power converter than machine capacity ensures strong performance at high ambient temperatures.

o general split ac


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