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Ac installation in dubai | ac repairing in dubai
Ac installation

Ac installation in Dubai

O General Split AC 1.5 Ton Complete Ac installation with low price in Dubai UAE


Power distributor

An additional louver that opens based on the monitoring sensors to quickly improve the comfort needs immediately.

Low sound mode

Sound level unit options zero Noise pollution.

Double Auto Switch

The complex action of horizontal rotation automatically converts vertical and vertical directions

New connecting air duct

Outdoor air can be introduced by attaching a metal supply duct to the new ventilation section and optional component.

Powerful mode

Working with high airflow and compressor speed, and quickly makes the room comfortable.

Default change

The unit automatically switches between heating and cooling systems based on your temperature setting and temperature.

Default fan speed

The micro-computer automatically adjusts the airflow effectively following room temperature changes.

Breathing fresh air

Fresh air can be introduced by a fan that can be connected using an external control unit.

Operation of 10 ° C HEAT

The room temperature can be set to below 10 ° C, thus ensuring that the room is not too cold when it is not sitting.

Puppies for turning up / down

The upper / lower limbs automatically open up and down

Restart automatically

In the event of a temporary power failure, the air conditioner will automatically restart in the same operating mode as before, when the power supply is restored

Connecting distribution port

The systems are able to attach branch pipes provided by the field to distribute airflow.

O General Ac installation

O General Ac installation in Dubai

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O General Ac installation in Dubai

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