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O General 1.5 Ton Split Ac in low price | DC Sale Shop Dubai
1 ton split ac price in UAE

Best Split Air Conditioner in UAE 2022 (ASGA18FUTA-U)

Best Split Air Conditioner in UAE 2021 18000BTU (ASGA18FUTA-U)

R410a – Eco-Friendly More Comfort Airflow

Accurate air direction control is possible with 3 airflow technology. Our airflow controller makes your environment more comfortable, so all direct and indirect deviations simultaneously automatically.

More airflow

A large, self-propelled diffuser is used.

Maximum Multi-Path Heat Exchanger

The heat exchange function is greatly enhanced by a small heating and cooling machine with many technologies. A high-intensity high-density tube is used.

Small Duration effect

General Air Conditioners are designed to operate at high altitudes of up to 55 °. Built of large outdoor units, the machines carry high-quality BTU hyper-tropical compressors with large copper heating features.

Great Foreign Follower

Large fan (Ø 450×130) with a powerful motor in high CFM for better heat transfer.

Blue Fin Condenser

Hydrophilic-bound heat exchanger ensures long-term corrosion resistance.

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Best Ac in Low price

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