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Air conditioning

O General Air conditioning

Description of O General Air conditioning:

O General company for the first time to introduce the I-PAM Control program contact us for the best price. PAM stands (For intelligent power module Pulse Amplitude Modulation). In O General Split Ac in UAE 2021 ASGA-30-JCC 2.5 Ton Dc Inverter AC the company uses the I-PAM inverter control system, reducing electricity costs by adjusting the power factor so that it does not work (P. F = 1). O General Split Ac in UAE 2021 low price

I-PAM Control system 

effective use of input power and provide high-performance savings and instantly cool our room only with I-PAM. PAM inverter control system reduces the effects of magnetic flux and increases compressor performance. In this O Normal, ASGA-30-JCC 2.5 Ton produced high performance and better Air Conditioner Split Ac in UAE 2021. The PAM inverter control system makes AC more powerful with the most efficient compressor.

AC Inverter ACs Save Energy all year round, but General Air Conditioners are air conditioners that are completely inverted. It makes all DC, DC motors cheaper to use electricity and reduces power consumption.

In O General Japan ASGA-30-JCC 2.5 Ton AC has a high-speed car, increased heat exchange efficiency, and the monthly energy consumption is saved.

Air comfort and air orientation control occur with three-dimensional air. The O General Japan ASGA-30-JCC 2.5 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner, an airflow control system, makes the room area more comfortable, with horizontal and direct flow at the same time.

O Japan ASGA-30-JCC 2.5 Ton AC has a Multi-Path heat exchange system and its performance is enhanced by a large heat exchanger and high multimedia connector. The hydrophilic-bound heat exchanger makes it resistant to rust in a safe environment, especially for people living near the area as there is an oxidation area in Karachi near the sea.

O, General Japan, ASGA-30-JCC 2.5 Ton has a temperature. It automatically detects low external temperatures by increasing the maximum temperature range and improving high performance.

Compressor power is high at any temperature. It operates smoothly at a temperature of 56 degrees Celsius.

O General Air conditioning in UAE 2021

O General Air conditioning best Air conditioning in uae in 2021

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